denim classes


Wet &  Dry 101

In this class the students are exposed to the diverse ways to wet and dry process denim. A quick lesson in dyeing kicks off the class and then it rolls right into the functions of denim selection to achieve a particular look in a denim. The pit falls of not selecting product properly and what that means in the laundry. Formula writing and order of operation is addressed in relation to wet and dry processing. After wet and dry processing is covered we dive into the functionality of on shelf performance in relation to color and wash. This class again should not be bigger than 10-12 students to keep it active and can be as short as 1~2 hours and as long as 4.


Denim 101

This class is a broad sweep on all things that make up denim. I start with fibers and go up from there. Manmade and natural fibers are covered. Moving on from fibers we go into yarn and structure touching on function. From there we move to dyeing of indigo and sulphur in the rope dyeing process. After dyeing we dive into weaving and then wrap it up with finishing. this class can be as short as 2 hours and as long as 4~5 depending on how far down the rabbit hole the students want to go down. the optimal number of students is 10-12. keeping the number low keeps the class more engaged because it becomes a little more of a QA and less of me just lecturing. if time permits I can take the class into the function of fit in relation to the textiles and performance properties.


Dyeing 101

Here we brush up on all major groups of dyes and their traits. Why or why not use them for a particular purpose or fiber. The mechanics in which each are dyed and how they work in the different segments of fashion / textile industry. This class is 1~2 hours and will require a small understanding of fibers.

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